Top 7 Facts You Need to Know About Whatsapp

Though whatsapp has been there with us, but recently its name went viral, especially because of its acquisition by facebook at a wooping sum of  $19billion . This particular action has left  lots of questions in peoples mind with majority asking if it’s really worth that price. Most people just know  WhatsApp messenger as  an instant messaging and  subscription service for smartphones. Of a truth there is more about whatsapp than you know. Here is top 7 facts you need to know about whatsapp. whatsapp

Top 7 facts you need to know about whatsapp

1) WhatsApp is available on a whole lot of  mobile operating systems, which includes  Android,iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia S40 and Nokia S60 – thus making it very popular among users in emerging markets which appears to be Facebook’s play here. In fact TechCrunch cited a survey today by Jana Mobile that says people were 12X to 64X more likely to say WhatsApp is their most used messaging app, compared to Facebook.

2)  1 year texting, no charges

The whatsapp sms service is much better than any other sms services provided . By using WhatsApp messenger , the users can  send and receive messages without paying any additional charges for a period of one year.After that users are charged with  $0.99 USD per year and the  users have to   pay the charges for its regular usage.In this way ,WhatsApp is the cheapest way to stay connected with your loved ones. [See Also: Are We Under the Spell of the Internet?]

3) Send conversation history on WhatsApp to someone

One  can actually  send entire conversation history from WhatsApp through email. To perform this action, first click on the option  Menu option in a conversation then go to ‘More‘ and  select the option ‘Email Conversation‘, . WhatsApp will then create an email with   conversation history(  including  pictures and  video clips which you want to send)

4) It Allows Instant Messaging Between Platforms

whatsapp2 Unlike the other popular messaging programs like  Black Berry Messaging, iChat or  Gchat WhatsApp is a singular app that allows people to send real-time instant messaging between phones irrespective of the operating system they are using. Like Skype, this app also allows people to use the Internet, rather than cell phone service, so that users can text message people in different countries.

5) You can back-ups WhatsApp conversations

If the conversations you are having on whatsapp are so important to you, then you can actually back them up, to create backups of these conversations,follow these steps: first go to the Settings menu, choose the option ’Chat preferences’ .Here click on option of Chat history backup

6) Facebook acquired it at the sum of  $16 Billion

whatsapp1 That’s a big deal. According to Forbes, the deal breaks down to $4 billion in cash and $12 billion in Facebook shares. This total does not include the additional $3 billion in restricted stock that will be released to WhatApp employees after four years. The total means that Facebook values each of WhatsApp’s users as being worth around $42. Facebook’s decision to buy the company comes only months after a failed attempt to buy popular image-sending app Snapchat for $4 billion.

 7) WhatsApp Has 450 Million Monthly Users

The popularity of whatsapp has been on the rise, increasing its message traffic sevenfold from two billion messages sent a day in April 2012, to 27 billion messages sent each day in June, 2013. Up to 70 percent of the company’s 450 million users use the app every day as at the time this article is been written.