Best 2014 Android Apps

Are you searching for the best Android App for your smartphones or tablets? there are lots of apps in the market and you certainly need the best for your device. Smartphones are getting more powerful every year with faster processors, bigger screen resolutions and sharper cameras, but without the right apps it may as well become useless. In this list, we have tried to pick the best Apps for your smart phones and tablets.

Android Apps

Best 2014 Android Apps

1) BBC News:


Most newspapers have their own app, but BBC News remains one of the few news apps that doesn’t make you pay or subscribe to get the best content. It’s not quite as extensive as the main website, but it’s great for those who simply want a digest of the day’s top stories. You can tailor which topics appear on the home screen, giving you more control over your news feed, and it can send you breaking news notifications direct to your phone. Add in the ability to tap into live TV coverage of the BBC News channel and this is one of the most flexible news apps currently available on the Google Play Store. [Recommended: Inspiring Tech Movies You Have Never Seen]

2) eBay:


Even though the site itself doesnt look so attrctive, but it lets you browse, watch items and buy stuff, integrating a Paypal sign-in for quick getting of things. Better still, now Android phones all have immense cameras on them, it’s a doddle to sell items straight through the app – take a photo, upload it, have most of the listing data pre-filled for you. The app is better as a selling tool than the desktop site.

3) Cliffhanger


With so many interesting TV shows on these days and sometimes making it difficult for one to hook up to them all. This smart app comes into play. It lets you input your favourite programmes (it’ll search the net and find basically anything) and then it’ll update you when it’s on next. A handy diary function means you can tick off the episodes you’ve seen and all this is encased in a well designed app.

4) PushBullet:


The apps has been, but was updated recently making it  one of the most powerful and useful apps you will ever install on both your phone and computer. For those new, PushBullet began as an  app that would help you to “push” links, files, or other goodies from your computer to phone and then back again. With the new notification mirroring, PushBullet will show a pop-up in your Chrome PC browser every time you get a notification from any app on your phone (assuming you enabled it). You can choose to dismiss it on phone, turn off mirroring from that app, or go on about your business.

5) WAZE:


Recently acquired by Google, Waze is the ultimate navigation app for drivers. It’s a travel mapping service that uses your phone’s GPS to provide a real-time picture of the roads around you. Simply pick your destination when you hop in your car and Waze will identify the quickest route while also showing the average road speed in areas of heavy traffic, any user-reported incidents, such as road hazards or accidents, speed camera locations, and which petrol stations are nearby and how much they’re charging per litre. It will also learn your preferred routes and departure times for home and work and adapt them if there’s an unexpected jam or hold-up. If you invite your friends to join as well, you can keep track of their movements if you need to co-ordinate arrival times at an event.