Steve Jobs Most Significant Inventions

Most of the inventions tech-wise are attributed to Steve Jobs. He was always at the fore-front spearheading most of the inventions that changed our world.  Today Jobs is no more with us but his great work will be enduring in the top categories of invention and Jobs will remain in our heart for ever. Though he didnt have a formal education, he still stands today as  the greatest inventor of our age. We will try to list some of his greatest inventions, but the fact is that his greatest achievements goes beyond just the  products. Here we bring to you Steve Jobs most significant inventions in no particular chronological order

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Steve Jobs most significant inventions

1. Apple :

Jobs come up with his 1st computer called Apple.Apple I came in 1976 while Apple 2 followed in 1977Though it was in a small quantity but was really a grand change in the world of technology. Apple 2 was a slight difference from the former in the area of color graphics which also made it different from other rivals

Apple Inc. CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs health

2) iMac:


The iMac came at the period when Apple had gotten to its peak of sales, when their was athis quest for something new to be introduced. What also made this period unforgettable is baecause that was the same period Steve Jobs came back after his exit from the company. He introduced the iMac in 1998. It featured modern technology and a very special design. About 800,000 units of this product ws sold within five months. [Read Also: Google Glass Facts]

3) iPhone:


On 2007, the Apple CEO Steve Jobs came up with the first smartphone known as the Iphone looking very simple and consisting of many features. Steve jobs announced the apple events but it’s not a normal event on 2007.Iphone works under the ios operating system. It supports many apps and the apps are available in the Apple App Store. It’s an inspiration of all other smartphones. Currently, it introduced a applicaion called “SIRI”. Subsequently,various categories of Ipod was introduced they include Ipod touch, Ipod nano, ultra compact Ipod shuffle and Ipod classic that can store up to 160 GB.

4) Itunes store:


The world’s largest digital music juke box available as free application downloader is used for managing, playing and organizing files on computers, Ipod, Iphone and Ipad. Itunes store allows everyone to purchase and download music, videos, games, shows, ringtones and much more. It includes everything you need to keep you entertained.

5) iPod:


Ipod is a first portable music player. One of Steve jobs most significant inventions. It wasunveiled in  2001 and manufactured by the Foxconn. Designed and developed by the Apple Inc. Currently, it sold three hundred million all around the world. Apple released many types ipods. They are  iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. Recently, apple released the ipod touch which has an operating system of  ios 5.With better features compared to the previous release.It supports some certain services include iTunes Music Store, App Store, iCloud, iBooks, MobileMe, Game Center. Ipod simple logic is wherever you go music will follow.

6) iPad:


Introduced in 2010, this was Steve Jobs last invention before his death, this device was criticized initially, most of the critics saying that it was not relevant, but it turned out succesful, revolutionalising the world of computers.We can do anything using ipad just as we can do in the computer.  It works with the ios operating system.