Top 7 Tech movies you must watch

Technology has become a vital part in our everyday lives, almost everything that we do these has some elements of technology attached to it and it has become something that we cant do without. The movie industries are not left out in this revolution, In one form or another, technology crops  into most modern movies, and any movie that doesnt have it looks boring while those that have it looks more interesting. What is so special about these movies is that you can learn new technologies, new terms and basically how the stuffs works. Its not as if these movies are new, tech based movies can be dated back to early 1960’s, but the beautiful thing about technology is that it improves with time and so does the movies. Here are top 7 tech movies you would love to watch.

Top 7 Tech movies you must watch

7) Naked Body Scanners – Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

Among all the mishaps and far fetched scenarios presented in Airplane II, a film you’ll apt to either love or hate, intrusive full body scanners revealing passengers’ naked bits seemed so silly at the time you couldn’t help but laugh. Almost three decades later, nobody found it funny when the TSA actually implemented nude image scanners at airports. They’ve since been removed.

6)Military Robots – Short Circuit (1986)

It’s easy to fall in love with Johnny 5, the wise cracking robot from Short Circuit. However, he was built with a more serious matter in mind — as a prototype military robot. Now we have unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that can operate autonomously and without the risk of gaining sentience if struck by lightning. Equip one with Siri and you have the modern day Johnny 5

5) Touch Interface – Minority Report (2002)

There have been so many comparisons of real-life technologies to those portrayed in Minority Report that we almost hate to give the flick yet another mention, but if compiling a list like this, it will be just to include this movie. After all, the movie did accurately predict gestures (like swiping) and touchscreen computing being the norm, not the exception.

4) “Avatar” (2009)

Avatar is one of the most technologically innovative movies to come out in the modern era. Yes, it is essentially a science-fiction version of “Pocahontas,” but “Avatar” is a treat on the eyes,  directred by James Cameron’s realistic CGI and its new 3-D technology. The plot centers on the idea of technology destroying the world, with people controlling avatars to mimic and take advantage of another species. Despite its flaws, you can’t deny that “Avatar” is one of the best technological achievements in filmmaking.

3)The Social Network – 2010

A movie based on a book written about a social network. It hardly sounds like the most compelling of ideas, and yet The Social Network works on multiple levels. In case you aren’t aware of the movie, it shows one version of the events which led to the formation of Facebook, now a public company with more than a billion users. And it will appeal to all the tech geeks everywhere.

2) JOBS –  2013

Following the death of  Steve Jobs, the former head of Apple, Hollywood has been trying to act out his life. This is the one starring Ashton Kutcher—a casting choice that raised eyebrows at first (Michael Kelso is going to play one of the most brilliant innovators ever?) but seems promising—at least from the teaser photos. (The credits will be peppered with a number of left-field choices like James Woods, Ron Eldard, Lesley Ann Warren, J.K. Simmons, John Getz, and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak.) I greatly look forward to being reminded how wearing black jeans can change the world economy.

1) Oblivion- 2013

Tom Cruise tries his hand at sci-fi again, this time as the guy who maintains the automated defense drones on an abandoned Earth — until Morgan Freeman pulls him into a resistance movement that wants to expose the “real” reasons humans were forced off their homeworld. Like all such investigations, it involves lots of CGI-enhanced high-speed technoviolence. Plot is neither necessary nor expected.