5 Major Ways The Internet Effects Your Life Negatively

We are in the era when lots of things are done on the internet. Without the Internet, most people wouldn’t be able to work, meet new friends, interact or even stay in touch with their loved ones. Internet is the most powerful invention, and if used in the positive direction can be very productive but can also be very devastating when abused. In a recent publication by Afrodigit: a technology website for Africans, it was mentioned that if you’re a a frequent user of the internet, you already know that sitting in front of the computer screen for an extended period is bad for your health.

5 Major ways the internet effects your life negatively

1) Addiction

internet addiction

Just as one can get addicted to alcohol, drugs and some other habits, the internet is one of the things people can easily get addicted to. There are lots of things going on on the internet and people can easily get addicted to any of these, might be social networking sites or gaming sites, it can also be instant messaging sites, people can stay on these actvities on the internet for a long time at the detriment of other relevant activities, most people also get addicted to adult sites and this is where parents need to watch their children closely.

2)  Eye Strain

Using the computer for a long period of time can lead to eyestrain especially ones with a very high resolution. In the past 30years, the percentage of people that need glasses has risen at an alarming rate, most of them as  a result of eye defect resulting from the constant use of the computer.

3) Lack of sleep (insomania)

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Lots of people spend hours in the day staring on the screen and then spend few hours to sleep. Lots of students shorten theirs sleep and stay up late into the nights chatting with their friends and when they get use to it, that is when insomania comes into play.Lack of sleep does not only affect your mental capacity it also affects your physical growth. Late-night computer sessions cut into much-needed sleep time. Long-term sleep deprivation causes drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and depression of the immune system.

4) Moral Decadence:

internet addict1

There are many materials on the internet that has some adult contents and are not to be viewed especially by the under aged. The internet has no way of restricting its users hence everyone one that has access to the internet can access these sites. A seven years old can access a content that is meant for 18+. Lots of the young one has been exposed to these contents without the knowledge of their parents and it is eating deep into the society leading to an upsurge in moral decadence.

5) Sense of reasoning is reduced

The internet has made the students lazy, when they are give an assigment which they are expected to take home and reason, they simply google it on the internet then copy from there. This reduces their sense of reasoning. If this continues in the future the student will become more lazy and have to depend on the internet to do  a simple assignment.